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About Noverka Conseil

We are an IT consulting services company, specializing in project management and business analysis. The company has positioned itself advantageously on the market since its establishment in January 2009. Currently, we have over 150 consultants working in the Montreal area.

Since its establishment Norverka Conseil, went from 2M$ in sales revenue in 2009 to revenues exceeding the 20M$ mark. This rapid expansion, done without any acquisitions, is a testimony of the quality of services we offer and the emphasis the whole team puts on customer and partner satisfaction.



Established on January 6th, 2009, Noverka Conseil has two main shareholders: Mr. Bernard Gauvin and Mr. Luc Lupien. Mr. Gauvin has 25 years of experience in the information technology field and has held many different positions as Project and Program Team Manager. In addition he was the President/Founder of Progisia Informatique, an IT Services company, which he sold to Netgraphe/Québecor Média in the early 2000’s. Mr. Lupien has more than 22 years of experience in recruiting resources in the technology field. In addition, he was the President/Founder of the Groupe Lukas from 2001 to 2008; a company specialized in permanent and part-time IT recruiting.



We build and preserve our business relationships because of our exceptional customer service. Noverka Conseil surrounds itself with committed, motivated and respectful experts whose sole objective is to supply service without compromise. We are focused on results, our customers’ satisfaction, our employees and our consultants.

We want to understand the needs and challenges of your company, the stakes of the positions to be filled, your requirements, your deadlines and your interests, to be your intermediary of choice and to suggest quality candidates meeting all your expectations, and to do all this while respecting your budget.

Nos valeurs

Our values

Our values illustrate well who we are and define our convictions. They are also an asset because they help us attract the best elements and help develop their loyalty, to forge relations with a chosen clientele and to protect and enhance our reputation.


This value is the cornerstone of the organization. For Noverka Conseil, transparency is the first motivator to be integrated in line with who we really are. To show honesty in all our decisions and actions, to make decisions which reflect the highest standards of quality, to meet its commitments, to be transparent in its recommendations so that the activities of the company and the conduct of the staff are never in question.


Respect is the building block to maintaining personal, social and business relations. We act towards others, the way we want them to act towards us. We respect people for who they are, their knowledge, their skills and the experience they bring forward as individuals.

Professionalism and passion

At Noverka Conseil we know how to combine professionalism and passion. We demonstrate acute professional work ethics and we are motivated by a passion for success. Our contagious enthusiasm transforms every challenge into opportunity. Amongst our greatest rewards are the testimonies and evaluations of our customers, boasting the knowledge and dynamism of our team.

Team spirit

For Noverka Conseil, the feeling of belonging to a whole, a team is one of the most important values of the organization. We continuously work to highlight the better of each and every one, forging solid and fruitful labor relationships. We are raising a feeling of belonging and loyalty towards our company.

Notre équipe

Our team

The success of a company inevitably crosses a variety of minute details, all more important than others. However, one of the essential components to the success and the growth lies in the quality and commitment of its team. Noverka Conseil is made up of individuals dedicated to information technologies.