Since 2009, we have built and maintained exceptional business relationships. Noverka Conseil surrounds itself with the best experts on the market, in order to offer uncompromising consulting services from qualified, motivated and competent professionals.  Above all, we favor the transparency and satisfaction of our customers, our employees and our consultants.

Through our proven know-how, we support companies in their talent acquisition needs. We offer a full portfolio of specialized services for IT and Business projects. Renowned for providing high quality services and a first-class personalized customer experience, Noverka Conseil offers an approach focused on the success of your projects and the achievement of your business objectives.

We are passionate about what we do, and are hoping for you to be as well. We are here to find the career you always dreamed of and help you develop your talents. Contact us .. you will not be disappointed.


Agents support informatique

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  • Télécommunication


Architecte de données-Sr

Noverka Conseil
  • Montréal
  • Banking


Chef de projets senior

Noverka Conseil
  • Montréal
  • Banking

Architecte fonctionnel

Noverka Conseil
  • Montréal
  • Energy


Throughout my IT career, I have had the pleasure of being associated with Noverka. Their professionalism and dedication to providing excellent customer service advice is second to none.
These consulting services are aimed not only at staffing highly skilled resources but also at sharing their IT expertise with their clients. I would like to thank them for listening to my professional ambitions and reconciling them with the needs of the market.

Orlando Ceballos

Noverka team is both very professional and very human. Collaborating with them is easy, effective and enjoyable. They make sure that all parties involved find value. They also have great respect for their customers and their employees. With them, we do not feel treated like a number but as a business partner.

Jean-Michel Ghoussoub

During the last 6 years, I have had the chance to work closely with Noverka, my collaborator or simply my work partner. At the very beginning, at a critical moment in my career, the appearance of Noverka, with whom I started a close collaboration, greatly helped me to get back into the consulting world as a Java developer. Respect and mutual trust are the keys to the success of our collaboration. I’m very grateful to Noverka and its great team, which you can trust. Thanks again.

Xu-Wei Xiong

We recognize a company by the quality of its people above all else. Over the years, I have had the chance to meet several people at Noverka: Geneviève, Catherine, Christiane, … as if they came out of the same mold, they are really authentic people, very professional, enthusiastic about their work, and extremely respectful to me. As a freelance consultant, I have already completed several mandates for Noverka, I appreciate many things: the process of contracting very efficient and transparent, the standard contract of exemplary simplicity, dedicated employees, warm and ready to listen all the time, the process of pay simple and fast, without mentioning 5 @ 7, the New Year party, … Thank you Noverka!

Wei Li

It is a firm that listens to its consultants and has good values. We have a good collaboration and respect is mutual. We can have access to the discussion as much to senior management as to all advisors. I had solicited several firms when I embarked on this great adventure of consultation, but NOVERKA is the firm that trusted me and gave me my first mandate. They have always worked in the same direction as me. I am faithful to NOVERKA since 7 years

Thuy-Lan Nguyen

What I appreciated the most is the follow-up and advice once in mandate. Being able to consult with the Noverka advisor and obtain expertise in terms of work relations has been critical to me in making the right decisions so that I can build a good reputation inside the Customer’s team

Gabriel Miron

I have been trusting Noverka since 2011 to establish business relationships and facilitate contacts with my clients. I particularly appreciate their professionalism and transparency in our communications. The whole management aspect could not be simpler, I never had to worry about it. The stability of the recruitment team reflects the human values ​​of the company

Jean-François Dufour

I really appreciate the professionalism of Noverka. Transparency and respect are virtues that characterize them. There are never surprises, at least, bad ones. Communication is simple, efficient and courteous

François Gagnon

It is a very professional firm, which offers a high quality support and respects the consultants with whom it works. But what I appreciate the most about this firm is that it does not place consultants, it positions talented people in the right place!

Pierre Robidoux