At NOVERKA, the commitment of each of us is part of our corporate culture.

We are committed to always give our best, and to having at heart the interests of our customers, consultants and partners. We focus on people first, and strive to maximize strengths and talents. We live our corporate values on a daily basis.

Our consultants and partners are committed to being passionate about their work and offering an exceptional customer experience. They are committed to the success and growth of the organization by bringing innovative ideas.

Our social involvement

Noverka Conseil believes that acting as a corporate citizen is a way to contribute and give back socially. Over the years, Noverka has been regularly involved in social events or fundraising for various charities:

  • Official presenter of the benefit evening of the Literacy Foundation
  • Sponsor of the Desjardins fundraising Chemin du Roy event for elementary and high schools
  • Fundraising - Centraide
  • Fundraising - Little Brothers
  • Fundraising for the Fondation Guérin Lajoie - Bronze partner
  • Fundraising - Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Sponsor of the "Woman of influence" category at the Desjardins Entrepreneur Prize
  • Fundraising - Cancer Society
  • Fundraising - Shriners Hospitals

Sustainable development

Green is in our colours!

At Noverka, we try every day to reduce our ecological footprint. Since the beginning, we have favored the reduction, reuse, recuperation and optimization of the resources used.

We implement various measures to be green, and encourage our employees to do so, through the following practices:

  • Supply and energy saving
  • Recuperation/Reuse of used electronic devices (donation to organizations)
  • Available washable cutlery and plates in the office
  • Incentive to use green transport (public transit, bicycle storage)
  • Philosophy "zero paper":
    • Impression usage rules
    • Use of electronic tablets and projection screens for meetings
    • Electronic contract signature (does not require any document printing)
    • Billing and electronic pay

Donation & Sponsorship Policy

For several years, Noverka Conseil has been associated with various fundraising events and charities in order to give back to the community. Would you like to know more ?