At NOVERKA, our strength lies in the know-how and commitment of a remarkable and competent team. Each of us uses their talents to collaborate, help each other and create a strong team spirit. In order to support our clients in our various projects, our teams are composed of talents dedicated to recruitment and business development.

Our Management Team

Based on an open and collaborative leadership, our Management team strives to maintain a balance between the long-term vision and the operational reality. Always opened to new ideas and continuous improvement, they adapt their management to a constantly evolving market.

Geneviève Labelle

General Manager

(514) 849-7072 #3221

Geneviève Desrochers

Vice-president Talent Management

(514) 849-7072 #3224

Diane Loyer

Vice-president Business Development

(514) 475-2069

Mario Fortier

Director of Practice and Technology Management

(514) 849-7072 #3204