At NOVERKA, our strength lies in the know-how and commitment of a remarkable and competent team. Each of us uses their talents to collaborate, help each other and create a strong team spirit.

Our Recruitment Team

Our Recruiters are experts at finding the best professionals on the market, and offering the opportunities that best suit their talents. Creating that perfect bond is what they do best.

Clara Létourneau-Hudon

Talent Acquisition Specialist

(514) 849-7072 #226

Eva Aouad Antoine

Talent Acquisition Specialist

(514) 849-7072 #245

Fanny Marchand

Talent Acquisition Assistant

(514) 849-7072 #229

Marie-Pierre Therrien

Talent Acquisition Specialist

(514) 849-7072 #232

Natasha Laflamme

Talent Acquisition Specialist

(514) 849-7072 #234

Valérie Laforest

Talent Acquisition Specialist

(514) 849-7072 #231

Our Business Development Team

The Business Development team is there to advise and support. They create value by identifying, understanding and offering the best solutions for your needs.

Catherine Beaudry

Business Development Director

(514) 849-7072 #225

Christiane Ethier

Business Development Vice-President

(514) 849-7072 #227

Robert Gariépy

Business Development Director

(514) 849-7072 #230

Our Administration Team

Our Administration team is known for being flexible and effective. Its mission is to facilitate the administrative processing of our consultants and employees, as well as being a facilitating agent for our clients’ accounting department.

Joëlle Polisena

Assistant/Accounting Clerk

(514) 849-7072 #220

Kathy Quirion

Administrative Services Manager

(514) 849-7072 #233

Marilou Burnel

Accounting Clerk

(514) 849-7072 #241

Stéphanie Tremblay

Accounting Assistant

(514) 849-7072 #244

Our Management Team

Based on an open and collaborative leadership, our Management team strives to maintain a balance between the long-term vision and the operational reality. Always opened to new ideas and continuous improvement, they adapt their management to a constantly evolving market.

Bernard Gauvin


(514) 849-7072 #223

Geneviève Desrochers

Vice-President Talent Acquisition

(514) 849-7072 #224

Geneviève Labelle

Vice-President Sales and Administration

(514) 849-7072 #221