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Our client, a government organization, is looking for a BI Data Integration Architect.

Job description :

The main objective is to provide our client with leading-edge business intelligence expertise to support them in validating the target architecture under analysis and adjusting it based on the results of an experiment. This expertise will contribute to the development of an opportunity file and a business case. These strategic files will be of the utmost importance, and will serve to lay solid foundations for the development of our customer’s information migration and modernization project. The experimentation to be carried out will confirm this new architecture, the technological infrastructure components it introduces, and the identification of different implementation scenarios. In addition, this experimentation will enable the organization’s various resources to increase their skills and establish different generic architecture models, while integrating best practices to facilitate the migration to cloud computing. To facilitate the transition to the target infrastructure, Our Customer is looking for gas pedals and innovative initiatives to enable it to complete its transition as quickly as possible, while prioritizing added value for the customer.

  • Review and make recommendations on the proposed technology infrastructure and BI target architecture.
  • Contribute to, influence and play a strategic role in the development of business cases and business cases for the migration and modernization project.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the information domain migration and modernization project for our customer.
  • Contribute, influence and play a strategic role in the testing of the target infrastructure and architecture of the information domain.
  • Understand the scope of the experimentation, propose adjustments and actively participate in the development of generic architecture models.
  • Provide expertise within the required deadlines and work closely with existing teams.
  • Produce quality results on time and on budget, including the demonstration of innovative technologies.
  • Transfer knowledge to internal resources throughout the mandate.
  • Collaborate fully with our customer in the execution of the contract and take into account all the organization’s instructions and recommendations on how to prepare and execute the work entrusted.

Role and responsibilities :


  1. Advise on the opportunity and business case for the information domain migration and modernization project.
  2. Advise on the testing of the target infrastructure and architecture for the information domain.
  3. Recommend experimental implementation steps involving several work teams within the organization.
  4. Produce an analysis of our client’s BI target architecture solution, and suggest ways of improving it, in particular to strengthen data protection, and shorten development cycles.

As such, the tasks will be as follows:

  • Collect and analyze the target situation. Identify requirements, taking into account our customer’s architecture vision.
  • Describe the methodology.
  • Determine key indicators and propose solutions according to the context.
  • Evaluate the potential impact of a migration to cloud computing from the current situation.
  • Provide consulting expertise to the team’s IT architects, analysts and developers.
  • Participate, as an expert, in studies and orientations with the IT architecture team.
  • Ensure compliance with solution design guidelines and provide the necessary support to the team.
  • Define success factors for concepts, orientations and strategies to be implemented.
  • Evaluate the impacts, costs and efforts required to implement these options.
  • Define and support the organic and functional models needed to implement the solutions.
  1. Identify the various issues involved in switching to the new technologies being tested, and consider the issues involved in migrating to cloud computing, in order to promote simple, effective portability and optimize cost management. It will be necessary to record and formalize all analysis elements that can be used for recommendations.
  2. Produce recommendations based on analysis and organizational decisions.
  3. Transfer expertise to internal resources.


Expertise required:

  • Undergraduate degree in a discipline relevant to the mandate.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in data integration and processing architecture.
  • At least 5 years’ experience as an expert consultant in data integration and processing, on at least 2 projects for customers comparable to our client.
  • At least 2 years’ experience as an expert consultant in data integration – migration to cloud computing.
  • Have been involved in at least 1 project of over 1,000 p.d. in a Microsoft cloud environment, including Azure, Synapse, ADLSGen2, Purview and PowerBI.
  • At least 1 experience in data governance and protection.
  • At least 1 experience in agile methods.