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Our client, an organization in the investment industry is looking for a Market Data Administrator.


Your role and responsibilities

Maintaining up to date market data subscription inventory, resolving subscription issues/requests, work with internal clients and vendors to ensure requests are handled timely and accurately;

Able to be flexible in a fast-paced environment by producing and analyzing market data inventory reports on an ad-hoc basis;

Maintain and develop documentation for Market Data Inventory System operational procedures;

Manage Market Data Inventory for International Offices (>120 Vendors) includes the following:

  • MAC management (moves, additions & cancellations)
  • Invoice checking & reconciliation
  • Contract administration
  • Cost allocation & analysis
  • Data & product permissioning
  • Compliance
  • General ledger / accounts payable
  • Business & vendor reporting (MISU reports, Data Access Declarations)

Expertise required

  • Ability to navigate a fast-pace environment with a high level of autonomy
  • Effective communications skills, both written and spoken.
  • Demonstrated initiative and curiosity to look beyond surface facts and conduct comprehensive, fact-based, value-added research
  • Attention to detail and rigorous approach to research, analysis and documentation
  • Ability to work collaboratively, cultivating meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Eagerness to learn, ideate and innovate
  • Drive to pursue excellence and challenge the status quo to seek out alternative perspectives
  • Open-mindedness and active listening skills
  • A respect for differences of opinion and an inclusive mindset