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Our client, a banking organization is looking for a ScrumMaster/Agile Coach.


Job Description:

As a ScrumMaster/Agile Coach, you will be a key member of an Agile development team responsible for the design, testing and maintenance of our ServiceNow platform. You will contribute to the management of material, temporal, technological and human resources within the framework of transverse projects in order to achieve the targeted objectives within the defined time and budget conditions. On the other hand, you contribute to optimize the efficiency of the software development and operations teams, by bringing the concepts of DevOps into application in the business initiatives. You will accompany the teams in a transformation mandate to improve the way things are done.


Your role consists of carrying out the functional supervision and coordination of contributors involved in the delivery of the application and technological axis of one or more large-scale and innovative projects, while respecting the planned schedule and budget. You will also ensure the deployment and standardization of the Agile practices of the department and the major programs on which the department is involved. You plan, prioritize and coordinate the work in order to keep the commitments made in line with the objectives to be achieved. You ensure the quality of the deliverables, the performance and the mobilization of the team of contributors. The nature of the files and projects requires extensive and in-depth knowledge in your field of specialization.


The projects under your responsibility are strategic in nature and involve a high level of operational and conceptual complexity requiring a global and detailed analysis and understanding of the business and the organization. There are many linkages and you are called upon to interact with a large number of stakeholders working in various fields of expertise. Mastering interpersonal relations becomes an essential skill.


Role and responsibilities:

  • Carry out the planning of the deliverables of the application and technology axis as well as the estimation of the project costs taking into account the issues, the complexity, the stakeholders and the linkages with other projects.
  • Perform functional supervision and coordination of contributors involved in the delivery of the application and technology axis. Ensure team performance, quality control of work, identification of standards, methods and procedures to be applied in the project.
  • Advise and support your clients and partners in the positioning, planning, development, implementation and follow-up of various projects and strategic mandates under your responsibility
  • Ensure the development and evolution of policies, standards, models, technological solutions and programs in support of your unit’s projects and strategic mandates
  • Coordinate all deliverables of the application and technology axis while respecting agreed upon agreements, costs and deadlines and ensuring performance and consistency with established orientations
  • Develop risk analysis, impacts and related strategies to manage the level of risk of the application and technology axis
  • Manage, in collaboration with the project manager, the changes requested, the testing of solutions and the implementation strategy for the application and technology axis. Ensure the availability of the application layer of the infrastructure platforms.

Desired expertise:

  • Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline
  • Minimum of six years of relevant experience
  • Experience in IT initiative coordination/delivery
  • Mastery of several agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Safe…)
  • Mastery of DevOps elements
  • Mastery of various coaching and transformation support methods
  • Mastery of cloud computing and the migration of traditional systems to cloud computing
  • Agile certification (an asset)
  • Knowledge of ServiceNow ITSM Suite or equivalent products (an asset)
  • Knowledge of ITIL service management processes (an asset)