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Our client, an organization in the Insurance field is looking for a SECURITY ANALYST Network Security team.


Role and responsibilities :

  • Understand, analyze, document and support partners/users in clarifying their needs.
  • Produce comprehensive, fully documented, evidence-based analyses.
  • Formulate professional opinions and pragmatic recommendations, all in accordance with established standards, rules and guidelines.
  • Review data and reports to detect underlying trends, significant deviations and identify root causes of various issues.
  • Actively contribute to solving operational problems and proposing solutions to improve processes and ways of doing things.
  • Carry out professional activities and deliverables in collaboration with others in his/her field or work team.
  • Support partners/users throughout the delivery process, ensuring quality of service.
  • Participate actively in all team activities (preparation of ceremonies, Definition of Done, etc.).
  • Propose, implement and operate technical solutions for the prevention and detection of information security incidents.
  • Investigate, among other things, the vectors of compromise, using security logs and various protection and detection tools and equipment.
  • Carry out required analyses and recommend corrective measures.
  • Help implement activities to ensure and improve the overall health of IT services and processes.
  • Advise IT delivery teams in defining their objectives and the scope of their information security projects.
  • Identify security requirements according to the project context, ensuring alignment with the normative information security framework.
  • Identify and categorize information assets in line with the organizational risk appetite of IT asset owners.
  • Identify and evaluate risk scenarios to mitigate residual risks, then present these to asset owners with a concrete action plan.
  • Model and detail access by defining roles, user groups and their relationships.

Expertise required:

  • Familiarity with software development life cycle (SDLC), DevOps, ITIL.
  • Have a good knowledge of regulatory requirements associated with affected business domains, applicable industry standards (NIST, ISO 27001, etc.) in order to be able to apply information security best practices.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of security concepts such as: encryption, logging, monitoring, identity and access management, cloud computing, etc.
  • Demonstrate verifiable knowledge of DevSecOps methodology.