At NOVERKA, we excel in providing consulting services for IT and Business projects. We are dedicated to the achievement of your business goals, and work with transparency, commitment and integrity to identify the best talents to achieve it.

Our expertise is based on cutting-edge technologies, know-how and soft skills that are measured by each of our successes. Our team strives to go beyond your needs, and that's why we continually invest in the development of our experts and our business practices to proactively meet your needs in an everchanging market.

Our service offer ensures a balance between quality, costs and risks, in the pursue of creating value.


Over the years, NOVERKA CONSEIL has developed and mastered a great knowledge of its customers, by understanding and integrating both their corporate culture, as well as their business context.


Since its inception, NOVERKA CONSEIL has been working with major organizations that are amongst the largest employers in Quebec.


At NOVERKA, we do things differently. Our processes, procedures and policies have been proven over the years. They are also constantly reviewed and evaluated in order to be improved and adapted to the needs of our customers and the reality of the changing market.