At NOVERKA, we do things differently. Our processes, procedures and policies have been proven over the years. They are also constantly reviewed and evaluated in order to be improved and adapted to the needs of our customers and the reality of the changing market.

Our approach is summarized in four (4) main pillars:


This value perfectly describes our internal team and our way of doing things throughout our company's culture. Whether in our exchanges and approaches, or when solving problems, transparency is at the heart of our philosophy.


One of our greatest strengths is our ability to quickly find and qualify the best possible candidate to meet the needs of a service request. Through strong recruitment, monitoring and account management processes, Noverka acts as a real value-added partner.

Flexibility / Agility

With our existing customers, we are known for being flexible in our approach and in our methods. Our team is agile and can easily adapt to any changes, requirements or new methodologies.

Partnership and Longevity

The business relationship we establish with our clients and consultants is based on a partnership and longevity principle. We aim towards a long-term business relationship that allows our clients and consultants to grow and achieve their goals. We are driven by our vision of longevity and sustainability, which guides our actions and our decisions.